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Vintage anime: Evil Mickey Mouse invasion! (YT) and an even more beautiful example from 1943.
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I know I've seen this before somewhere, because I have a screencap of Evil Mickey riding the mickey-dactyl on my desktop. Thank you for reminding me, because this is great.
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Nice to know Japanese animation was always batshit insane.
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Not really any more batshitinsane than Western cartoons. What's exciting to me about these is that they mix the very clear influence of American animation and characters with themes and characters from traditional Japanese folklore - elements like magic, ghosts, and shapeshifting. In the American cartoons, especially the Fleischer studios cartoons that the animators clearly admire, there is a lot of random transformation - watch this Betty Boop cartoon for an example - which is strange, but not really related to anything much deeper than the flexibility of the medium.
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Is it just me, or is that 1943 spider in blackface? (And if he is, what does this say about Japanese popular understanding of America at the time?)
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I'm so glad you found this, vron.
And so sad that even Mickey can turn to the Dark Side.
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He has a good side??

For those of you strange synchronicities and new ideas - try the soundtrack from this (very beautiful) video while playing the video from the "1943" link. Better than Pink Floyd / Wizard of Oz I tells ya.
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Cease and desist order from Walt Disney Co. in 5, 4, 3....
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The 1943 YT cartoon you linked to really is beautiful. Nice post.

As for:

Nice to know Japanese animation was always batshit insane.

Bah, what would you know? Because if what is linked to in this post is "batshitinsane", then what does that make this?
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That's not insane, so much as it is shocking and vile. Those cartoons had a purpose - they were meant to dehumanize the "enemy" via caricature and stereotype. If there's anything insane about it, it's the mass insanity of casual racism and of the wartime mindset, but the people who made it knew exactly what they were doing.
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That was nice with the sound off and Ernst Reijseger's 'Colla Parte' on in the background. My daughter left today on spring break and I choked up when the Cat-With-A-Mouse-Head had his seemed-like-a-daughter-to-me snatched up. She loves Myazaki and I miss her. Thanks for the post.
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For those of you [who appreciate] strange synchronicities... Damn! Me type pretty one day:(

Thanks for that KokuRyu.
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