Dale Earnhardt didn't die of seatbelt failure.
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Dale Earnhardt didn't die of seatbelt failure. An expert hired by the Orlando Sentinal to examine the autopsy photos we discussed earlier concluded that the restraint system didn't fail, and his injuries will just have to be blamed on something else. Hooray for freedom of the press!
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Surprising how NASCAR has not done anything about the safety of their cars after the deaths this year and last. I remember back in 1994 when Senna died, FIA completely overreacted and tried reducing speed by making Eau Rouge into just another corner, cutting holes in the airbox of the cars, and putting that stupid wooden plank under the car.
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Dale Earnhardt registers only one comment here??? Metafilter must not reach far into Middle America.
posted by Falconen at 3:16 AM on April 17, 2001

I think it's NASCAR not reaching much into the rest of America...
posted by owillis at 4:07 AM on April 17, 2001

I don't think NASCAR and MeFi have the same Demographic.

Shame really, FoxSports use of screen space is something that must be seen.
posted by Mick at 5:23 AM on April 17, 2001

To clarify I meant FoxSports use of TV screen space. The transparent ticker, the drop down position info, the GPS on-screen tracking
posted by Mick at 5:27 AM on April 17, 2001

Well of course he didn't die of seatbelt failure!

He died by going really, really fast and crashing into a wall.
posted by bondcliff at 6:36 AM on April 17, 2001

How can the cause of death be determined by photos? I would assume there was a fair amount of trauma but how do they tie it directly to a cause without an inspection of the body?
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don't think NASCAR and MeFi have the same Demographic.

Shame really, FoxSports use of screen space is something that must be seen.

It's not what it used to be. Ten, fifteen years ago, you just didn't see NASCAR drivers in lots of commercials and things- if you did, you didn't know who they were. It seems to have come a long way from the days of drunken hordes throwing chicken bones over the fence (or at other spectators) and is establishing itself as an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

I used to be, um, a little snobby about NASCAR but married a long time race fan and have come to like it in the past several years. There, I said it. Who knew, but FOX's coverage is actually pretty good. They make it possible to follow along since a lot of new fans don't know everyone by their numbers.

It's not like it's wrestling or something.
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Fox's coverage is actually a good lesson in multimedia design, I personally think. I just love their GPS coverage, I love the "Turn it up" segments, and damn it, I bought into the sentimentality of the silent 3rd lap.

*sniff* I think I'm going to go eat some moon pies now.
posted by annathea at 12:10 PM on April 17, 2001

As far as "freedom of the press" goes, I don't know if a review of the evidence by one pre-approved expert brought in by one pre-approved newspaper really counts.
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Bah. NASCAR and MeFi overlap in at least my very small subset of the demographic. I was the first to post the news of Dale's death, actually. But anyway... yes, Fox's use of screen space on the televised broadcasts is a joy to behold, especially compared to coverage in years past; I had forgotten how bad race broadcasts used to be, until I watched a Craftsman event on ESPN the other week.

And having both actual ex-racers and ex-crewchiefs there who have worked together in the past makes for some really fun announcing sometimes. I love it when DW pretends to actually be in the car.

But I suppose I'm just an easily amused, ignorant NASCAR fan. :)
posted by jammer at 3:42 PM on April 17, 2001

Say what you will about Fox, but their sports division has been pushing the edge in presentation and it makes everyone better.

Score box begats 1st&10 marker begats CBS Matrix/Freezevision = even better sports presentation
posted by owillis at 3:52 PM on April 17, 2001

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