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Mario Paint Composer emulates and extends the composer function from Mario Paint for the SNES. It has been used extensively to cover classic game music, popular hits both old and new, some of the greatest songs on earth, and even the occasional classical piece
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I enjoyed that way more than I should've. Reminds me of the time a friend and I tried to cover Sunday Bloody Sunday using Reason 1.0.
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They also have Halo and Lost, which I really enjoyed.

It's a cool program when it comes to seeing the fruits of other people's labor, but I can't make so much as a diddy in it myself. The interface is just too imprecise. It makes me pine for SimTunes, an old Maxis title similar to this but much easier to use. You "painted" the notes in a 2D space with little colored squares, then had "Bugz" that represented various musical instruments run over the notes in a controlled way. It was great because the blocks could be used to make images as well, and some of the best tracks in the game wove the "musical path" right into the background landscape. Here's a sample track called "The Genie".
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For some reason the OS X link led to a PC download for me... but I fixed it by replacing "pc" in the link with "osx". This has brought back way too many childhood memories.
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I created an animated map of the Battle of the Bulge using Mario Paint for a video assignment in my HS history class back in 1992.

I videotaped the screen as I narrated over it while a friend played different clips of music and sound effects. We had to do it all in one shot as we had no editing equipment.

We rocked an A+ on it.
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Mick - do you still have a video clip of it? I totally want to see that.
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Forgive me.
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Well, look who didn't actually read the post. Oops.
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These are neat, but the quality really varies in the linked videos. Still Alive and Never Gonna Give You Up were great, but Something was terrible.
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I've seen most of these before (viewing one on YT brings up most of the rest as related videos) but 4'33, likely due to lack of popularity/understanding, had escaped me. Recordings of that piece are never as powerful as live performances, but I still enjoyed it.
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