The Secret Life of Toys
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Toys - 59,237 of them. This group is about collecting photographic evidence that toys get up to things when people are not around. Well, not just that - It is also simply a space to collect good images of toys for everyone to enjoy. (via dorian)

There are tens of thousands of pictures of toys. With this many pictures some of them might not be safe for work, although I haven't seen anything other than mildly naughty yet.
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Poseable Thumbs. (Possibly NSFW - I really have no idea of standard workplace policies on looking at pictures of leather queen Action Man dolls engaging in BDSM orgies.)
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Creepy, anyone? Caddis, thanks for resisting the urge to post this last night, when it surely would have given me nightmares.
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One day, when I was about five, my mom came and pulled me out of my room.

"Come outside! I want to show you something!" she said.

So we went outside and crouched in the bushes just outside my bedroom window. I didn't know what was going on, and it kinda scared me.

Then it happened. I heard my toy Jamar piano go plinkety! My breath caught in my throat! It happened again.... this time followed shortly by my favorite Barbie doll sashaying across my window sill! Before I knew it, my bedroom was the scene of a dance party. I didn't want to say anything just in case it wasn't real, but in my heart, I knew it. I had always known it. My toys came to life whenever I left the room. It was just like the stories!

But then some blocks went dancing through the air by the power of a hand in a black glove, and I realized I'd been duped. My mom, laughing, took me back to my room where my dad was just getting up off the floor, and they told me everything.

I started crying.

I told them it was because they'd made my room all messy, and I was going to have to clean it up.
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