Game Journalists are boring
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Game Journalists are boring. No matter how much time you've spent writing about games, having the same style as everyone else isn't going to gain you fans. Sometimes you need to have an accent and a sense of humor. Or you could be working on GameSpot for a very long time and after one negative review, you get fired and start your own blog. Being a game journalist does have it's perks though. For example, you can get an early bird tour of Liberty City, as long as you don't crash your Ferrari during the trip.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: self-link, banned -- mathowie

One post, three comments, obscure site.
posted by flatluigi at 6:56 PM on April 3, 2008

To quote Tycho Brahe, "Tom Chick is just the Goddamned king of games writers. Just... wow."
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I love Yahtzee. He is the Digitiser / Amiga Power of the 00s, but better. This guy is not, so much, but still, he's basically right.
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Sorry, four comments now. It may be that I've spent the last twenty minutes digging through the posts of deleted self-linkers, but this smells like one to me. Forgive me if it ain't.
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Another two thumbs up from me for Yahtzee.
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One post, three comments, obscure site.

Shit! obscure site! Must be a self linker.

What did you want? Digg?
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Like I said, forgive me if it's not. I'm probably overreacting.
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Zero Punctuation is bloody hilarious.
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fatluigi, if you've got evidence beyond mere suspicion, now would be the time to mention it, because in its absence, you look like a dick.
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