H.P. Papercraft
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H.P. Papercraft (SLYT) "I knew putting internet in the basement was a bad idea!"

From the same guys who brought you IM IN UR MANGER KILLING YOUR SAVIOR (and already previously posted)

Who knew there could be so many hilarious lines in the span of 2 minutes?

"What's with all these zippers? No person should have this many zippers, I don't care what fantasy it is..."
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this was much better than the im in ur manger one. the timing and delivery are spot on, here.
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Heh oh gosh that "I'm the arrow?" dialog was great.
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Is it just me or does the guy in the paper craft suit sound like Monarch henchmen #21 from The Venture Bros. show on AdutSwim?
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henchmen #21
Yeah he does!. "Nooo *voice crack* Dad"
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That was pretty funny.
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I thought so to, but I'm pretty sure the henchmen on Venture Bros. (which this reminds me of in ways other than just the voice) are played by the show's creators, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, so unless they're moonlighting, it's not one of them.
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The best part was definitely the attempted shutting down.

It's like an episode of my life, entitled "When The Parents Bought an iMac".
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Awesome. Thanks for this! Here's hoping the creators can step up their production times a bit.
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I thought of Hench 21 too. I have zero problem using another creators work as a springboard to find your own unique voice (which is exactly what Publick and Hammer have done with the VB via Jonny Quest and 1960's Marvel Comics ), and you could certainly do worse than aping the Venture Brothers in doing so. Nice to see Americans not trying to draw goddamn Anime for a change.
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Top hole!
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It is very reminiscent of the Venture Bros. Dialogue Delivery System, but funny nonetheless. They might want to get an actual adult to voice the dad next time, though.
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Cory Doctorow 2.0 will chronicle, curate and critque the p2p dissemination of corydoctorow memo. The fractal iterations are the pomo appeal of corydoctorow.
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goddamnit, iPhone. Meeeeme not memo, get with it!
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originally for boing boing tv. the youtube version cuts out the very beginning
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