Maria Theresa Thalers
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The Maria Theresa Thaler (or MTT), a coin first minted in 1741 and continuously to this day, remained legal tender in parts of the Arabian peninsula as late as 1970, where it was much prized both as a coin and for jewelry [magazine article] Incredibly important for trade between Europe and the Middle East, the MTT had a great impact on history. For more information turn to Maria Theresa's Thaler: A case of international money an indepth article about the MTT by Adrian Tschoegl.
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Bookmarked. This looks fascinating.
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I have vague memories of James Burke talking about the Maria Theresa Thaler in an episode of Connections (or possibly Connections 2 or 3) but this may be incorrect. Does anyone know?
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I've been fascinated by this coin ever since I discovered it was still the currency of choice in some places. Thanks for the post!
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Maria Theresa was the mother of Marie Antoinette, and a hell of a stateswoman to say the least.
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Note that the United States uses its own version of the Thaler.
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Yes, in Connections he linked it to the Dollar. (see Ironmouth's comment)
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Don't forget that we have the modern word "dollar" because of Jack Shaftoe mangling the word "thaler" due to a speech impediment!
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I initially read it as Maria Theresa Whaler, I thought it might be some kind of commemorative fish sandwich.
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It's all the abayas, see. This coin was like Playboy. A little round silver Playboy.
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