street plants rule
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When does it get interesting?
posted by doctor_negative at 4:39 PM on April 9, 2008

That guy sure could skate but man did that band suck.

True story: When I was in my first year of college at San Jose State studying art, one of the guys in my dorm knew Gonzales. One day he showed up at the dorms busting all these crazy wall maneuvers. Is was quite a show. The guy across the hall took some great photos. A little bit later in my beginning drawing class we were given an assignment in which the only instructions given were to "draw your favorite thing". I ended up drawing Gonzales from one of those photos doing a hand plant rail grab. The frickin' grad-student teacher marked me down because of subject matter! God, I hated her. mumblemumblebitchmumblemumble

Thanks for the memories, generalist!
posted by paddysat at 4:49 PM on April 9, 2008

I'd almost forgotten about how guys who aren't my dad's age used to wear fitted shorts.

It was fun to see these guys skating down hills that I can barely walk down without going ass over teakettle.
posted by padraigin at 5:00 PM on April 9, 2008

yeah nice skids. Rocco's contribution was sick. i want to know who that band was. great black flag ripoff.
posted by auralcoral at 5:04 PM on April 9, 2008

auralcoral, it's Tales of Terror.
posted by generalist at 5:07 PM on April 9, 2008

This is so crazy, I work with a guy named Mark Gonzales!

Seriously, I see that one of your tags is "TheGonz". As I've gotten older, I have lamented that I was always unable to shorten my name thusly. Instead, I fantasize vicariously about how others, usually celebrities, might do this. I confess I actually watched some of Danny Bonaduce's reality show some time back. Due to his alcoholic conniptions, I decided that Danny was in fact a good prospect to become simply "The Dootch". I marveled at my perceptive capacity; WHY AM I SO ALONE IN MY CLEVERNESS, WHY IS NO ONE ELSE CALLING HIM "DOOTCH"...

Some time back I read a rather fascinating article about the rise and fall of Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione. Freely available online porn had taken a big chunk out of his dead-tree porn empire. Bob's foray into fusion power was a bust. I lamented the decline of the magazine that provided my fragile mind with my first encounters with erotic fiction: "I am a student at a small mid-western university, and I never believed your Forum stories until it happened to me". I learned from Bob's magazine that many men have 15" cocks, as well as Trans-AMs, and lots of "Killer Colombian". Bob's magazine had ads in the back for "spurious Spanish Fly", and I flushed with pride for indeed I knew what "spurious" meant.

Yes, Bob Guccione and his magazine made quite an impression on my developing mind, and I shall never forget it. Consequently Bob too, deserves to be known simply as "Gootch", or "The Gootch".

Further reveries have developed in my mind the idea of a TV buddy sitcom starring, of course, Danny Bonaduce and Bob Guccione. The working title is "The Gootch and the Dootch". I think this could be a real come-back springboard.

I'm not clear who "TheGonz" is, but to my mind he's just not ready for the big leagues yet.
posted by Tube at 5:33 PM on April 9, 2008

Would have enjoyed more linkage, and less of the band footage, but at least this finally answers the mystery of the recurring tire treads on the corner wall of the house...forget the lawn, get off my facade!
posted by squasha at 5:46 PM on April 9, 2008

So when do the boys start making out? Cause I'm not to sit and wait for the noise to end.
posted by SassHat at 6:04 PM on April 9, 2008

Cool, this precedent allows my next post to be a link to an Evil Knievel video.
posted by Brocktoon at 6:20 PM on April 9, 2008

I thought men like you were usually called "fruit".
posted by Eideteker at 6:47 PM on April 9, 2008

The Gonz is awesome. He's like the Captain Beefheart of skating. I know this is just a promo for a video game, but even in this Gonzales rocks.

Does anyone know if he has managed the bike kick flip yet?
posted by Elmore at 12:46 AM on April 10, 2008

I was a big fan of The Gonz (and Neil Blender) back in my skating days of the late 80's, I think mostly due to them designing their own artwork for their decks. While most decks were terrible variations on skulls, those two were kind of cool artists who skated.
For more skating art from the 80's check out the Skull Skates Museum.
posted by Paid In Full at 6:56 AM on April 10, 2008 [2 favorites]

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