"Eat these [bleeping] ribs . . . then tell me about [bleeping] Texas!"
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Bobby Egan: Restaurateur and Amateur Diplomat.

Imagine what diplomatic coups real BBQ ribs might pull off.
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The New Yorker and Vanity Fair each came out with profiles of Egan last autumn -- days apart. The two publications are owned by Conde Nast.

At the time some were curious:
"Why so much ink on what is, as near as we can tell, a story of middling-to-little interest? And why the close proximity of publication? Is it some kind of intramural scrap or the world's most boring coincidence? Who knows?"
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Yes. Imagine what real barbecue ribs could do.
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I've had friends like Egan growing up, basically talking a complete load of bullshit — and getting away with, because people love a good story told by someone who's charismatic and self-assured. I'd love to be proven wrong, but having grown up around people like this I have to be skeptical.
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I dunno, Blaze.
Could be the perfect cover, yes?
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Worked for Chuck Barris.
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