Decaying photos
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Decaying memorial photos at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.
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Reminds me of this shot I that took at a Hong Kong cemetery.
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Really captivating, thank you so much for sharing!
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I clicked every link in this FPP.
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It seems that some were taken with glass negatives that themselves are cracked and decaying, covered with mold. Are they really old, or is Russia still using glass negs? In Russia negative decays you.
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I was hoping to get good sleeps this weekend. Thanks.
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I read somewhere (watts? campbell?) about the funerary practices somewhere in the South Pacific where the people use wooden posts as grave markers. The idea was that in the years that it took for the post to rot away to nothing, the memory of that person faded in the community. By the time the post was gone, no one really remembered the dead person. I always thought this was a great idea.

Before I go, I'm gonna try to get someone to promise me that they'll write my name in maple syrup on the sidewalk. In a few days, it'll stand out for all to see it covered with dead sticky ants. I'll be remembered to strangers, at least until the rains come.
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I clicked every link too—I could gaze at those faces for a long time. Thanks much for the post. (In case anybody is wondering: columbarium.)
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I don't think these are really creepy or heartbreaking, though. They're just people. I like to see what people are like in other places and times.
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The kids are heartbreaking.
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Somewhere in this cemetery two generations of my family are buried.
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I have seen this first hand in Poland where I'm from, the cemeteries are much like the one's seen here. I don't think the pictures themselves are creepy (some can be), but the cemeteries are a different story. You wouldn't catch me at one during night time. Often when I visit my there I'll hear stories about how satanists desecrate these places, and it's sad to hear, because there is a certain beauty to them.
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Thanks for this post. This brought back a memory of being about eight years old, visiting the gravesites of my departed relatives, at a Lithuanian cemetery in Chicago. I was captivated by the photos on many of the headstones, especially the ones of children.
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This one looks like it's crying a fountain of tears.
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Haunting post. These kinds of memorial photographs have fairly recently begun showing up in Los Angeles, particularly in the Armenian section of Hollywood Forever (formerly Hollywood Memorial Park). When I first saw photo-marked graves, and especially the photo-realistically etched stone ones, I found them shocking and tasteless. But they've grown on me, and certainly reflect the city's changes.
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