When the Queen says "jump," Jill says "how high?"
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Friday Free Game Download: If you were presented with the concept of a lesbian BDSM video game, the first word that leapt to your mind would probably not be "adorable." But that is exactly what Mighty Jill Off is.

It's also a fiendishly frustrating little game, simple and short though it is. There's no T&A, no polygons -- just jumping past spikes, and dying, and jumping past fire, and dying, and dying, and dying . . . Good old-fashioned fun, really.

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So who are these lucky women with two buttons on their joypad?
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Cool game at first, but then the gameplay got too intentionally difficult for me. I guess that's the point . . . ? When I reached the overhanging ledges where a single almost-random millisecond seems to make all the difference between getting around the overhang and falling back down to the flames below, I quickly lost interest.

I did like the metaphor (assuming it's intentional) of the slave being too enthusiastic for her own good -- that's what gets her punished in the first place, and that's what's played out when she tends to jump too high.
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25:49 I thought it was pretty fun.
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I managed in in 18 minutes, double the par time. I don't particularly see any merit to this game beyond the amusing 'boss battle'.
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Mighty Bomb Jack? You used Mighty Bomb Jack as starting point!? That game sucked!!
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16:08. Much of the jumping involves pixel precision --particularly the part with pillars. Puh. A useful tip, perhaps, is that Jill can hang from ledges by the very tip of her toes. Like Mega Man. The jump puzzles were pretty enjoyable. I think I realize why I continued playing NES type games well into the age of the polygon: hopes of some cool pixel art at the end. I much enjoyed the art in this one.
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Since the game site doesn't say it, and this post doesn't say it, I'll say it: Windows-only.
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Not near as sexy as one would hope...
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Windows only.
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I'd hit it.
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Reset the clock!
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Ouch, I wish it had a save game feature. I wanted to pause it while I went to get a snack, and it exited instead. Now I wont have the patience to finish. I don't suppose anyone's posted a cutscene video or runthrough?
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Hmm, after playing that game, I feel like I've been whipped.
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"Unexpected error occured when running the game."
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The conceptual art for the cutscenes is adorable, but the simplicity of the gameplay design and internal graphics are so abhorrently stunted, I am not encouraged to even download it, much less play it. It's like taking Commander Keen and monochromatically removing from it everything that was remotely fun.

There should be more lesbian masochists in games though. I'm all for that. I mean, didn't we all just assume that deep down Lara Croft was a lesbian masochist? I know I did.
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