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As a solo performer, Martin Dosh isn't your typical one man band. Watch him construct densely, beautifully layered songs via live looping.

Perhaps better known as a frequent collaborator with Andrew Bird (see them in action), Dosh's decidedly non-hip-hop albums--released on mostly-hip-hop label Anticon--have featured or will feature guest appearances from members of Tapes 'n Tapes, Fog and Will Oldham (not to mention his wife and drum students).
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Nice post, but a definite double.
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Very cool. Anticon has put out a lot of great non-hip-hop in the past few years. In fact, I pay more attention to that end of the label now. along with Dosh, there's Odd Nosdam and Alias & Ehren, for starts.

The "densely" link is great.
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nonreflectiveobject: geez, I hope not. I see Dosh links in comments but nothing in an FPP...
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Nice. I wonder how well it works on record, though - a lot of the pleasure comes (for me, anyway) from watching him construct the songs as he goes along.

nonreflectiveobject wrote: Nice post, but a definite double.
But not definite enough for you to find a link to the previous post?

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This is amazing! I really love the video with Andrew Bird at Bonnaroo. At first you don't know where the song is going with all the glitchy beats at the beginning, but when mixed in later it sounds so beautiful.
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Eh, I'm a blowhard. 'Twas wrong, mea culpa. Dosh links were in an anticon post. Whoops. Carry on...
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I've heard the records and seen him live. The albums don't do him justice. The build-up in his live performances is really what is amazing.
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Thanks for posting this. I've seen him twice with Andrew Bird, and both were really great shows. More people should know about both artists.
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Awesome -- reminds me of Ed Alleyne-Johnson (sample at youtube). I saw this guy on british TV in the early/mid 90s, bumped into his CD in the store a few months later. Well worth a listen.
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jack_mo: I like his records a lot, but the records and the live show are very different creatures. For example, compare the live version of Um Circles and Squares in the FPP (the "beautifully" link) to the album version at Dosh's Myspace.
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He's good, but no Amon Tobin.
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Excellent. You know, 2or3whiskeysodas, you should do this for many other bands that I believe you would enjoy, such as The Books. Something - maybe your username - tells me that they're up your alley...
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Sigh. Andrew Bird is my favorite artist, but Martin Dosh's music seems to tread that line between danceable/groovable rhythm-based stuff and delicious melodic stuff that doesn't really indulge either sense. The best bits of his records are the guest appearances (and, beyond your examples, I'd say Andrew Bird and Mike Lewis (of Happy Apple) are the standouts.

*misses the Kevin O'Donnell + Andrew Bird experience. jazz drums + synchronous keys ftw*
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2or3whiskeysodas - thanks for the comparison. The records sound like a more conventional take on what bands like Tarwater or Mouse on Mars were doing in the mid-90s, which I quite liked then, but that sound is, if not quite dated, then very much of its time - interesting that that didn't occur to me when I was watching the clever loopery in the videos. Still, I'd defo see him play if he ever does a show in Scotland...
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Last time I saw Dosh here in Minneapolis he played "in the round" on the floor of the venerable Turf Club. It was an entrancing performance - he puts on a really amazing show.
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I have to agree with tmcw, though ... dosh has ruined Andrew Bird in a way.
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Here's a video of a one-girl-band of sorts to add to the three up top- great version of "Carry on Wayward Son"
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