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Freaks and Geeks, arguably the best new show of this lackluster TV season, is being shelved for the remainder of February sweeps. Although it will return next month (and if you've never seen it, check it out), its future is pretty dim. Why does the public constantly complain about the lack of quality shows, but refuse to support the ones that do rock?
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I've been strictly a sunday night TV watcher for the past couple years (simpsons), seldom surfing the dial M-F, but I did catch an episode of Freaks and Geeks last month and have been watching it since. That sucks to hear the future may be bleak for it, although I was a tad surprised that it's on NBC, anything remotely interesting is usually too "ambitious" for them.
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That's just like that incident with "My So Called Life", some years ago. It was a great show, but was axed in favor of Party of Five (which coincidentially, is also being axed this coming season, along with the X-Files and 90120, supposedly).
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Answer: because they watch the shows that come on after Friends and ER (i.e. Suddenly Susan), giving them high ratings, and not exploring the more daring - but under-publicized - shows on other nights. Who remembers Parker Lews Can't Lose? Or Get A Life? (Actually, PLCL is #5 on E-online's nice, nostalgic top ten list of shows that died young. MSCL is #1.)
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*sniff*, all my favorites are on that list. I have the entire ben stiller series on a couple tapes somewhere at home, and I used to love PLCL. I ran into the guy that played "Kubiac" a few times in LA...
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The F&G cast will be on the Family Feud during the February Sweeps (starting on the 14th for a few episodes). I recall hearing a story about NBC execs complaining about the fact none of the kids on the show ever get to win.
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