When? Ella, When?
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Finally available on CD is the Original Cast Recording of Sondheim's Evening Primrose. Although other recordings of the score have been made available, this is the first time that the original cast will be heard on a publically released recording.

Evening Primrose, based on a John Collier short story published in the 1951 collection Fancies and Goodnights, was written specifically for the television anthology series ABC Stage 67. The original film was destroyed, leaving only a kinescope recording of the program available for viewing at the Museum of Television & Radio branches in New York City and Beverly Hills. Of course, thanks to YouTube, at least some of the performance can be seen from home.
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I have the 2001 studio cast concept album, and I'll probably buy this recording, too.
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Just coming from the "Black Metal Party" AskMeFi thread let me say I have no shame in expressing just how immensely I am excited you posted this joyous news.
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Hooray! I'm excited for this news. I have the 2001 CD with the Frogs on it, but this will be fantastic.
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Thank you so this!

My favorite Sondheim song is "Someone in a Tree" from "Pacific Overtures," and my favorite recording of it is on the original cast album. Imagine my thrill when I found this on YouTube.

I'd sell my mother to the Turks for a complete video of the original production.
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Oh, Anthony Perkins, how I loved you in this. *sigh*

Thanks, Bookwo3107.
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Anthony Perkins, Charmian Carr - that combination alone makes it worth it. But it's pretty much the lost Sondheim, the Holy Grail for collectors. I know a couple of the songs, but haven't heard the whole score yet. I'm getting this and then I'll grab one of the other recordings.
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Yeah - apparently the Collier estate's too protective of the rights so the kinescope will never leave the MTR. Oh well - one day I'll make it there.
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