1921 steam-powered yacht
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The 257-foot Delphine was a 1921 steam-powered yacht designed by and for the Dodge brothers (of Dodge Motors). Today, "of all the large American-built steam yachts built between 1893 and 1930, the Delphine is the only one left in her original condition with her original steam engines still in service." Forbes has a fascinating history and cool pictures of the fully restored 1921 lush decor. But probably forget about chartering it (unless you have 40-60k euros a day).
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You know, I thought it was cool until I saw the crappy hottub. WTF? Even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't want to hang out on it. Walk around and check it out for awhile, sure. But, to charter it? Forget about it.
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Beautiful, minus the hot tub.
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That would be fun to visit.
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I'm puzzled. "The pantry and galley are connected with two elevators and are in stainless steel, this to comply as good as possible to US Public Health standards." Why would that be necessary, it doesn't go anywhere near the US?
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I thought this was going to be links to the Steam Punk Anime Classic called Last Exile since there is also a character named Delphine in it.
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If like myself you enjoy the splendor of classic yachts you might also appreciate such a gem as Savarona 86m built 1931.
tellurian if Delphine is american flagged she will come under US regulations.
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tellurian: If the pantry and galley are connected by elevators, then they are essentially dumbwaiters carrying food from storage to preparation. Probably not elevators that people can ride in. If it is a dumbwaiter, then it's a stainless steel box of about 8 sq ft or so that most likely complies with US health standards out of the box.
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