The El Modena High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club
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The El Modena High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club finally met, thanks to a federal judge ruling. There was a bit of a scuffle outside afterwards with protestors, but apparently it was a real sissy fight.
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What's funny about this is that one 17yr old felt it was wrong to be studying sex-related issues like gay-lesbian relationships and such on campus.

Isn't that what everyone practices afterschool anyway?

And I don't feel it would be completely about sex, the club that opened. There are other issues out there to gather around and speak about that doesn't have anything to do with sex.

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You mean, like, "tolerance"? I don't think that they want any of that sort of thing either. After all, Tolerance is a gateway to compassion.
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Why is everyone bringing up sex as an issue? We're talking about an extra-curricular club, not a freaking Roman bath.

Did people expect that every meeting would be a giant orgy on the cafeteria tables?

The adults' concept that gay=uncontrolled sexuality is one of the biggest reasons that this club should exist. Maybe some of the acceptance and understanding that the club will foster in the kids will rub off on their ignorant cracker parents.

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One of the protestors is quoted as saying "I'll be here for six months, eight months, [whatever] time it takes to help these children"

You want to help them? Stop harrasing these teenagers and let them meet to discuss the venom they receive each day by people like you.

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there is a valid reason why the adults are concerned with talk of sex in a gay-straight alliance meeting -- the issue of homosexuality is inextricably linked to sex. choice of sexual partner is the defining characteristic of sexual orientation. [obviously.]

what the concerned adults are missing is that this is simply an organization to facilitate gatherings of members of one oppressed group [and although i would argue that in many high schools, including the one i attended, there is not much intolerance, this high school clearly suffers much bigotry] so that they may socialize with each other and enjoy a “safe space.” i am sure that this school requires there to be adult supervision in all of their activities – no chaperone would allow conversation to devolve into too much raunch.

there may in fact be talk of sex at gsa meetings, but i would venture to guess that there would be no more than on any bus trip to play soccer against another team, or the locker room of any of their sports teams, or meetings of the drama club. high school kids are obsessed with sex! of more concern to the gsa kids, however, are issues such as how to communicate with their parents [in terms of coming out] and non-threatening places they can spend time and meet people. things i would bet the concerned adults think they believe in.

but most of all, the gsa kids join up simply to identify themselves to each other. they don’t need to talk about sex, they just have to show up. the protestors are totally misguided. preventing gsa from existing doesn’t prevent them from having gay kids in their high school, it only prevents these kids from strengthening their bond and therefore making themselves more safe.

as for the straight kids being concerned that they will be assumed to be gay – they are simply experiencing what the gay kids do every day, people making assumptions about their sexual orientation that are untrue, which is potentially a great ice-breaker to talks about tolerance…
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Tonight on BEHIND THE ORANGE CURTAIN, the kids of El Modena High will learn a very special lesson about tolerance.
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