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Swim away, Fugu fish, swim away! The epic sequel to the original classic, Charlie the Unicorn. Chaaaaaaaaarrrrlllllliieeeeeeeeeee! (Previously. I'm not even sorry. YouTube links.)
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Hah. I watched this yesterday. Not as good as the first part, but still awesome.
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I think the randomness is much more poignant here. The spanish-speaking Z, the imaginary scuba diving and the vortex of evil... Man.

He apparently rewrote this one 10 times to try to land it. Apparently, Charlie can be hard to find a balance with.
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The character of Charlie the Unicorn seems to be a ripoff of the cranky neighbor from Aquateen Hunger Force . My opinion is that this is not the best of the web, but the momentarily trendy hipster bullshittiest of the web.

tl;dr: hurr hurr funny voices i am a square and find nothing funny

However! I thought the enigmatic glowing Z and the very last moment were both moments of pleasure.
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I'll be singing the "Banana in Your Ear" song to total strangers all morning.
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Shunnnnnn the unbelieeeever!
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Put a banana in your favorite ear.
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For whatever reason, Charlie has really resonated with the girl-geeks at the office of my last two gigs. They quote it endlessly, and collapse in giggle fits every time:

"Magical Liopleurodon!"
"Shun the unbeliever!"
"We're on a bridge, Charlie!"

I expect the trend to continue now that there's an even more quotable sequel.

And they're not trying to rip off ATHF - everyone from north Jersey sounds like that. Perpetually-pissed-off and chain smoking is part and parcel of the accent.
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The Z bit was the highlight, a very natural "random". Too bad the rest just feels forced.
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The "I am the banana king" bit at the end reminds me of the "I AM bingo!" bit at the end of this.

That said, Charlie the Unicorn is my favourite bit of web animation evar.
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allow me to ask what the junior execs at various networks are thinking right at this moment: how would charlie play out on television? is this something where one episode every six months is more than enough of a dose, or could you watch this on a weekly (or dare I say daily?) basis?
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I showed Charlie the Unicorn to my 12-year-old daughter a few weeks ago, and she loved it. Last night, I was at an event at her school, and the kids were all quoting it. My point being, junior high kids will love this latest installment. Which is to say, awesome.
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The Scientology advert is so appropriate... er, you can all see that can't you guys? Guys?
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Hooray! This plus my introduction, yesterday, the the wondrous Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show makes me happy! And a little bit confused.
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I. Ahm. I am ashamed to say that I finally figured out the "stick a banana in your ear" may be an unintentional reference to a... ah... Garfield comic strip from a very long time ago.

Or so I heard. From 7th grade me.

That movie needed more cthulu. Also, it's hard to beat stealing someone's kidney when you just steal their crap.

I do see the ATHF rip-off vibe, especially since everything they cast to the ground immeidately explodes.
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I'm happy to see absurdity increasingly taking the place of irony as being the driving force behind contemporary comedy.
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I'm happy to see absurdity increasingly kicking the shit out of irony as being the driving force behind contemporary comedy.
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