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Happysad is a 2 year old web cartoon from Belgium (in English) by Jeroen.

Starring an unnamed male character that fans have taken to calling "the little guy", it is about unrequited love and longing, dating, sex, daily life, and the mystery of girls/women to men - especially in the form of the little guy's object of desire and chief tormentor, known as "the girl" or "Happysad girl". Both his storytelling and his drawing have evolved over the years, as he demonstrates with his recent redrawing of the first comic in the series. The tone is indeed happy, funny, wistful and sad.
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We all lose the Game from time to time.

It's a little goofy [but | so] I like it.
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Also: sweet, and sweet is underrated.
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I'm liking it. Adding it to my daily-read list. Thanks!
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Lives up to its title, with humor and insight and simplicity and (to steal from gnifti) that underrated quality of sweetness. A large number of highly skillful artists who hate 'stick figurish' comics have another reason to tear their hair out...
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Thank you for pointing this comic out to me. Now I have yet another webcomic to read, and therefore I have almost completely weaned myself off of newspaper comics.

(does the Happy Panda Dance)
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Wow. Dudes in Europe sure get to see their unrequited lovers naked a lot of the time. Is that envy I'm feeling? ... Or pity?
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Oh, that's absolutely adorable. Surprisingly insightful at times, thanks for this!
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Okay, I was going to save that last one and send it to my wife tomorrow until I saw it was named 'othergirl.gif.'


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