Marshall Poe: professional historian with some cool projects
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New Books In History. Historian Marshall Poe talks with other historians about their newly published books.

Marshall Poe is involved in a number of interesting projects including an upcoming book about Wikipedia: Everyone Knows Everything. The Rise of WikiWorld and the Democratization of Knowledge; he is a regular contributor at The Atlantic Monthly and author of "The Hive"; he founded MemoryArchive, "the encyclopedia of memories." And he is working on a new website "" (not up yet) that will have short videos about history.
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MeFi's Own.
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Also: mensch.

I'll have to point my dad to NBIH; I do very little history reading, but he'd probably love the project.
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When I'm no longer at work, I am going to have to explore this extensively.
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You could have answered my question in this thread, but I'll take a FPP too. Thanks!
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So, one of the authors there is one the publisher I work for published. Bowers, the Priestley book on Unitarianism. Now I can justify my Mefi reading at work as work. Cool.
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