The Comet Hunters
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The Story of a Comet Hunter (see also his web page which contains a link to the story of his discover of Comet Seki-Lines in 1962). Visual comet hunting has a long and intriguing history. Today visual hunters are adapting their ways to make visual discoveries in an age of automated searches. The amateur can still win. Now, ANYONE can discover a comet(?) Or perhaps 1000. A Guide for SOHO Comet Hunters. More SOHO and Sungrazing Comet Links. [Previously]
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Nifty post, spock.

One of the cooler comet-related things I've seen online is SOHO-6 evaporating in the sun's atmosphere.
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But you don't get your name on a SOHO comet. It's just "Comet SOHO" followed by a number.

Of course, the way things are going, they'd have names like "Biesecker 1" through "Biesecker 47" and so on, so maybe it doesn't matter.
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