May 1968
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An interactive audiovisual tour [flash, audio] of the student protests in Paris in May 1968. Part of a larger look at 1968. [Previously]
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Those who make revolution half way only dig their own graves.
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Also, some interesting interviews in Libération (in French): 1 2

(Libération apparently has nothing better to do than endlessly rechew the May cud. There's an article on it every week, at least.)
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In France, boomers i.e smug ex-hippies that sold out when they reached 40, are actually called 68'ers (soixante-huitard). Libération is their New York Times.
And yeah, they will tell you how they were more sexually liberated and that the music and the drugs were so much better in those days.
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The revolution that launched a 1000 future English professors.
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