Autopsy: Emergency Room
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Autopsy: Emergency Room. The three-part Channel 4 series Autopsy: Emergency Room takes you on a unique and fascinating journey through the human body to see what happens when our bodies are damaged or injured. Previously: Autopsy: Life & Death and an a brief article on Dr. Von Hagens.
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Looks really interesting. Is there a way (other than someone posting shows to youtube) to watch Channel 4 programming in the U.S.? Unfortunately their on-demand service only works for U.K. residents, which makes sense but isn't super helpful.
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Unfortunately the only source I am aware of is of dubious legality and with the RIAA&MPAA witchhunting and fearmongering left and right, I'd rather not post a direct link.
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IANAD, but don't they have the title backwards?
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