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Bookmarks Magazine has long been one of my favorite book review periodicals because it aggregates and summarizes reviews from many sources, for example: The Children of Húrin. Recently they have opened up the back-issue archive to non-subscribers.

In addition to reviews, each issue has a number of regular features including "What one book.." (expert recommendations on the best books for a subject), "Book by book" (classic author and books profile) and a cover page featured article. Most of these are not online (yet?) but here are some:

Featured article: 101 Crackerjack Sea Books
Featured article: Historical fiction
Book by book: Emile Zola
Book by book: James Joyce
What one book: Globalization
What one book: Investing
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This is excellent, and not just because metacritic stopped covering books last year.

Thanks, stbalbach.
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Hurin is probably the most depressing book I've read in many years (good tho).
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they missed spengler's review of CoH, which was awesome! basically he praises tolkien for 'bene gesserit'-like "religious engineering" :P
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I bookmarked the home page for later - this should provide hours of enjoyment as I troll through the genres.
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"What one book" reminds me of one of the all time great Ask.Mefi posts:

What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?
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