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It hasn't been updated in a few months, but the Cocteau Twins Podcast is a treasure trove of rare and never-before-heard recordings.

You can continue to feed your glossolalia habit with video and audio from the band's official site. (And make plans now to attend CocteauFest 2008!)
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Nice to see some love for the Cocteau Twins here. Downloading some of the pieces now.
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I was going to try and write a comment that was as unintelligible as their songs, but it's harder than you'd think. Nice find.
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>but it's harder than you'd think.
Ask your cat for help. They're good at it.
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Thanks for this!
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seeshnee laroaaawlu sultoo! (trans: Hey, thanks jbickers!)
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I'm back in the freshmen dorm!
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What did she say?
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One of my favorite concert memories is from seeing the Cocteau Twins in Hollywood back in '85. After they had played their full set, the crowd naturally wanted an encore, for which they were not the slightest bit prepared. Flustered, Robin rewound the reel-to-reel which had their drum tracks, and they played a couple of songs from the yet-to-be-released Tiny Dynamine again.
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Excellen post - my pearly dew drops drops in delight!
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I once threw a super secret surprise party for a girl friend based on the ruse we were going to the Cocteau Twins. She got all spruced up for the show we drove to the Paramount, stood in line, and I get to the ticket window and did the most awesome Sir-Laurence-Olivier-Forgot-His-Tickets routine. We had plenty of time to go back home and get them I told her. The opening band would chew up the first half hour at least. REAAALY annoyed, she wanted wait in the bar. I said, no, please, honey, come with me. She grew more annoyed. But finally after this half hour long song and dance she agreed. We get back to her place where I had orchestrated about 50 of her friends to be waiting in the basement. And a band that would play the X version of "Soul Kitchen" when we walked in. But she want to wait in the car and listen to Cocteau Twins CD. JESUS H. CHRIST.
"Come with me I tell her."
"No. I'll wait."
"C'mon it'll only take a minute."
"If it'll only take a minute I'll WAIT. "
"Come with me ... I got something to show you... (I act all sexy)"
"We'll be late."
"Come in god-damn it!"

So I go inside.
"Shhhhh! It's just me. Everybody cool it."
"She's in the car. Eventually she'll come in."
"Your gonna leave her out there?"
"Fuck yeah."

About fifteen minuted go by. I see her out there. FUMING. Waves of anger wafting off of her so hot you could cook an egg on the sun roof of the car. She explodes out of the car and SLAMS the door. FUCK! She screams.

"Everybody in position!", I shush them.

She yells from outside. "You better get out here!"

People begin uncomfortably snickering while they hide. She come in side. Storms down stairs.

As she starts to yell "You FUCKING ASSH..."

"SURPRISE!" 50 people scream. And she stands there like a goober. Speechless. And the band starts.

I give her a big kiss we dance a few minutes. Then she takes me upstairs all smiley and happy, I'm so relieved it all came off. And then she squeezes my arm painfully and says:

"No. So seriously. When are going to the god damned Cocteau Twins? Where are the tickets?"
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Nice to see some love for the Cocteau Twins here

Cocteau Twins are one of the Mefi approved bands, so you will indeed see some love for them. Morrisey and sun o))) are also acceptable. Aparently. I don't make the community preferences.

That said all I want is the music to the Fruitopia adverts. Which is here.


Now I am happy!
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I slunk up to Simon Raymonde after a show in Chicago, and all I could think to say was "You guys were better than Throwing Muses!", which, in my young, dimly illuminated mind, was a slobbering compliment.

Simon Raymonde had this to say: "Thanks a fucking lot."

Not a Muses fan, I suspect.

Good post, too!
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this is five ten fiftyfold the best of the web.
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Throwing a suprise party - cruel. Pretending to have tickets to a Cocteau Twins party when you didn't and using it as a pretext to set-up a surprise party - manifestly malicious. I hope she did something more than just bruise your arm.
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Sitegeist - Pretending to have tickets to a Cocteau Twins party concert.

I would've dumped the motherfucker on the spot.
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Thanks Ubu, meant to write concert.

The deceiving bastard.

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It seems like there aren't any iconic labels like good old 4AD out there anymore. Remember when you could buy ANYTHING on a label (Silent, Warp, 4AD, Wax Trax, etc.) and it was guaranteed to be listenable? I miss that.

Ethereally perfect post.
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