The next All Your Base.
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The next All Your Base. I mean that in how fast it's gonna spread. I've gotten it from 3 completely separate sources today already. The original site I was linked to has already been taken down (I'm assuming from too many hits - this is one of many mirrors). It's very well done, and damn entertaining. Requires Flash.
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hmmm. still waiting for it to load.
posted by sixdifferentways at 8:44 PM on April 18, 2001

In my informed, intellectual opinion...

Holy crap! That freakin' rocks!

The Matrix gag at the end is unnecessary, though, as this is good enough to stand on its own. Did not detract from my enjoyment at all, though.
posted by toddshot at 8:46 PM on April 18, 2001

Stunning. I wish I could jump in and start playing.
posted by waxpancake at 8:49 PM on April 18, 2001

Yeah, sorry, I have DSL so it loaded quickly for me, but it doesn't say how big the file is. It might be a somewhat decent size.
posted by swank6 at 8:51 PM on April 18, 2001

Pretty big file, but cool. Reminded me of all those scrolling fighters (Double Dragon, Strider) from the old NES
posted by owillis at 8:52 PM on April 18, 2001

ho lee cow. i loved that.

does anyone know if the choreography is original or based on some jackie chan scene?

either way it rocks.
posted by o2b at 8:53 PM on April 18, 2001

It says #3. I'm trying to track down copies of #1 and #2. If anyone has any luck, please do post it here. :)
posted by swank6 at 8:54 PM on April 18, 2001

Next all your base? Not even close.

This is a flash-based ripoff of a quicktime movie I saw on filepile a few weeks ago. In the quicktime movie, a stick figure took on 20-30 guys, beating each one with moves straight out of popular movies and video games. It was a bit funny and cool then, but this version isn't as funny, though the production values are higher.

I wonder who's going to pay the bandwidth bill for this?
posted by mathowie at 8:56 PM on April 18, 2001

ah, here it is (1.4 Mb AVI)

I like the original better
posted by mathowie at 8:59 PM on April 18, 2001

matthowie: are you sure it's a ripoff? both files have the same email address in them.
posted by o2b at 9:04 PM on April 18, 2001

ah, the original I saw didn't have the email at the end, but maybe it's the same guy doing both. I think the movie one is funnier (more cartoon violence).
posted by mathowie at 9:05 PM on April 18, 2001

Hmm, matthowie, apparently you've tracked down either 1 or 2. If you'll notice at the end, it's signed by the same eMail address. The Chinese part says Little something or other, so I guess it's some kind of series.

For the bandwidth... well, I hope it's not me or anyone I know.
posted by swank6 at 9:05 PM on April 18, 2001

reminds me of the flip-book animations in my algebra books in highschool...

probably get expelled for that that sort of stuff now.
posted by th3ph17 at 9:20 PM on April 18, 2001

It's really cool. But it isn't AYB-like, if only because AYB could be endlessly applied to virtually anything. I doubt I'm going to see pictures of apple stickers in intestines with stick figures on them anytime soon. Really, really cool (which this is) != horribly virulent meme.
posted by louie at 9:28 PM on April 18, 2001

I like this one better. It has better design and a similar theme.
posted by bump at 9:40 PM on April 18, 2001

First rule of Net memes: When you anoint something "the next [insert name of last craze here]," it isn't. It just has to happen on its own. And it's hard for me to recall the last time a meme got so overloaded it received national news coverage, so my guess is the next AYB-level craze isn't going to happen for a while.

'Tis a cool Flash movie, though.
posted by aaron at 9:49 PM on April 18, 2001

Hmm, Stick Death anyone?
posted by Hackworth at 10:06 PM on April 18, 2001

"FUCK OFF!!!!!

um, okay. :]
posted by pnevares at 10:15 PM on April 18, 2001

Can someone explain what happend to the next big thing?
posted by ParisParamus at 10:30 PM on April 18, 2001

All sorts of violent goodness with words I can't read. Just thinking about storyboarding something like this makes my head spin.

The original Fight (AVI)

Fight #2 (Flash)

Fight #3 (Flash)
posted by barkingmoose at 10:33 PM on April 18, 2001

What does one view a .avi file with?
posted by ParisParamus at 10:39 PM on April 18, 2001

windows media player
posted by mathowie at 10:44 PM on April 18, 2001


The next All Your Base. I mean that in how fast it's gonna spread.

swank6 never predicted this was going to be as virulent a meme as AYB, just that it would spread as quickly.

posted by o2b at 11:02 PM on April 18, 2001

The background music just about killed me; I mean, hello Konami! like owillis said. The Matrix bit didn't need to be there, but it was funny regardless.
posted by lia at 11:04 PM on April 18, 2001

Err, looks like the server I linked to took it down and put up a fuck off message. :)

barkingmoose put up a working one, however I'm not sure if it takes the whole screen. And yeah, what o2b said.
posted by swank6 at 11:10 PM on April 18, 2001

I imagine this is pretty on-topic, never mind the fact that it's just goddamn hilarious:

Dance Dance Karnov!
(Flash required)
posted by pnevares at 11:11 PM on April 18, 2001

swank6: however I'm not sure if it takes the whole screen

that's just because you linked to the file directly, while barkingmoose's link is a page that defines the dimensions of the flash animation. if you open an .swf file (redunancy!) directly in your browser, it fills up the entire window.
posted by pnevares at 11:13 PM on April 18, 2001

I dont get anything when I click the link....

Just a fist, a nutsack, and my browser says "done".

whats up wit dat, eh?
posted by Espoo2 at 11:35 PM on April 18, 2001

Wow. I just installed Flash for this (and all of the other Flash bits going around these days) and I'm actually glad I did.
posted by whatnotever at 11:45 PM on April 18, 2001

That is great. Barkingmoose, thanks for the working link.
posted by Zool at 11:56 PM on April 18, 2001

The original link in this article undoubtedly used up his bandwidth, and is now mad at everybody who even at much reduced .gif levels is sucking it up.

Hope he doesn't get socked with a $16K bill like Al of nosepilot.
posted by dhartung at 11:57 PM on April 18, 2001

Well, I hate to be the lone voice of dissent (no I don't) but that was pretty boring. Stick figures doing karate (with or without music) just isn't that clever. Reminds me, though, of Stick Figure Theater on Liquid TV. One time they did a scene from Potemkin that was amazing.
posted by Outlawyr at 3:27 AM on April 19, 2001

Not that I actually read, but this story is over there too, and someone noted that this Flash movie may contain a worm. Here's the post, you decide for yourself:

Okay, so I loaded up the Flash from InoculateIT, kept fresh and up to the minute with every bootup via my companies network, dropped me a note saying:

The virus "Jscript/Seeker.Worm" was found in the file C:\big long path to my browser cache

Failed to cure the file. (0x112) The file was RENAMED.

Not sure exactly what this is just yet, but I thought it very much worth posting

posted by briank at 7:56 AM on April 19, 2001

Here's the translation of the text on the Fight #3 page, courtesy of Babelfish:

"Fellow friends splendid peerless small small NO.3 came, you looked " hacker empire "? What! Has not looked? That also not quickly has a look, not only can look, you also may control the work the broadcast, character's each movement let you look really really. Perhaps may study the one move half -like, ha ha breathes out!"
posted by waxpancake at 10:07 AM on April 19, 2001

The Jscript worm that briank refers to is described here.

Vulnerable are users of MSIE 4 or 5, unless you've applied this patch.

Has anyone seen this from sites hosting the Flash piece other than
posted by brantstrand at 10:57 AM on April 19, 2001

With reference to the worm, this was the last post in that thread on Just in case anybody was wondering . . .

Heehee. Well.

InoculateIT did a little update today. And when it updates, it wants you to restart your computer. As I don't really care for restarting after I've restarted... I have a tendency to hit 'cancel', let it update my registry when I reboot later in the day, or the following day.

Well, today they released a patch for a bug that previously had InoculateIT falsely identifying this virus. Whoops. Sorry for the false alarm folks *grimace*

posted by warcode at 3:10 PM on April 19, 2001

Boring technical query... but after viewing that flash movie I can't View Source anymore. To fix it I have to shut down IE (5.5, WinNT). Anyone else experience that?
posted by echelon at 4:29 PM on April 19, 2001

Does this make anybody else long for a few rounds of International Karate +? Methinks I'll dig out one of my Amigas this weekend. Nothing beats two player, you're red, the round starts, and white steps forward - right into your reverse face kick :)

Must be time for somebody to release Super International Stick Karate + :)
posted by obiwanwasabi at 5:00 PM on April 19, 2001

Mmm... IK+ ... some fool's trying to do the game in javascript! The first animations made me think of IK+ but the last one was definately Prince of Persia.
posted by holloway at 6:40 PM on April 19, 2001

psst...Stick Fighter ][. I wasted hours on this pulling off uppercut fire-yaks on sorry arses about my school. It deserves a fast 386, though.
posted by holloway at 6:56 PM on April 19, 2001

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