Pranks for the memories.
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Pranks for the memories. Fun list of the greatest phone pranks of all time. Wish I'd thought of some of these. Okay, except "Ben Dover."
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I would like to thank "Oliver Closeoff" for screwing things up for me
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On the linked page, describing a spoof about cell phone service being subject to radio wave terrorism, the commentary asks the question "And how can one terrorize the populace with radio waves, anyway?"

Boy band pop like n'sync and Backstreet Boys comes to mind.

As does Rush Limbaugh.
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Oh, and with a nod to Click and Clack, has anyone here seen Mike Keaster?
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There's a hilarious passage in Anne Tyler's The Clock Winder where the protagonist is stuck in a room and attempts to pass the time by calling a random number and asking the woman who answers if her refrigerator is running. She gets way more than she bargained for.
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