Kennan Ward Nature-Wildlife Photography
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Kennan Ward Nature-Wildlife Photography -- “Being a nature-wildlife photographer is a demanding job … but all the hardship is forgotten when I make eye-to-eye contact with a wild animal, or experience the moment when a window in the clouds opens up, highlighting a landscape … I feel honored to be able to bring the inspiring beauty of nature to others.”

I first became aware of Kennan Ward through his third book, Denali: Reflections of a Naturalist. A photographer, videographer and adventurer-naturalist Kennan Ward has written several books about wilderness and wildlife. He has dedicated his life to capturing the rare forms of nature first on film, now digitally with stills and video.

Ten years of work as a Search and Rescue Ranger for the National Park Service honed his wildlife skills, accelerated his evolution as a natural-light photographer and deepened his love for the outdoors. In 2000 Kennan received a prestigious honor from the BBC's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Kennan’s work has been featured in many national and international magazines, including Audubon, Alaska, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Backpacker, GreenPeace, NG Kids, Sierra, Natural History, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, and National Wildlife.

In 2001 Kennan published a very special book bringing attention to the stunning natural world of the Alaskan Arctic - The Last Wilderness: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Kennan has lobbied from Alaska to DC to educate law-makers and congress people about the vast, unspoiled wildernesses of ANWR.

There are literally thousands of photographs on Kennan's web site. A few of my favorites include a humpback whale breach, the love of a mama polar bear, a grizzly bear taking a bath, and a surprise for the Denali tourists.

I hope you enjoy Kennan Ward's photography and videos as much as I do.
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How very cool. Thanks for all the links. He's a friend of my cousin's and a very nice guy. I've had a bunch of his posters for years, but didn't know about his ANWR work.
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Wow, amazing photos!

Since you mentioned polar bears, the US Fish & Wildlife Service missed their January deadline for determining whether or not the polar bear is endangered (as they often do). But yesterday a federal judge ordered the government to have a decision ready on the polar bear by May 16.
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As someone who dedicates a good portion of my free time to my hobby of wildlife photography, I can say without reservation that I'm insanely jealous of anyone who has the skills and talent necessary to do this for a living.

There is some great stuff here.
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He has some really amazing photos - thanks for sharing! I can totally relate to his quote at the top. Being a nature photographer is hard, but it's such a thrill when you get that one special shot.
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