Why do people insist on taking my name in vain?
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Why do people insist on taking my name in vain? Still, it's good to see that there are plenty of Tom, Dick and Henry's available for the psycho ex girlfriend. (I guess Harrys are OK).
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Sorry, it appears that if you scroll down on Henry, you find a few Harrys.

To be honest, I at first found this site hilarious. But looking at the volume of entries... It's still funny, but I really *really* feel guilty about laughing.
posted by dchase at 5:09 PM on April 19, 2001

Uh... this guy's in Dallas? Gee, and I thought my experiences with Texas women were bad.

And no. No known connection between myself and this guy or that girl. Although he says he works in Telecom. I might call or receive calls from this guy at work and never even know it.

..that's spooky.
posted by ZachsMind at 11:11 PM on April 19, 2001

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend has been a) posted here before and b) proven to my satisfaction to be a fraud, which has also been posted here before, although I'm fully aware that wasn't the main point of this thread's original post. I just want to stop that meme from propagating further.
posted by Mo Nickels at 11:27 PM on April 19, 2001

Good to see the Disgruntled Housewife branching out...
posted by solistrato at 1:01 PM on May 10, 2001

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