I'm on Jones above the massage parlour
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Need an apartment? MapsKrieg is a mashup of Google Maps and Craigslist real estate listings that can show you just how close to the Tenderloin you'll be.
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It's like Housingmaps.com, except a lot slower to load, and with less choices.
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I was also going to suggest housingmaps.com. I believe that site restricts its results to by-owner listings only.
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Also, this post sucks and is kind of spammy feeling. You filled it out with a mashup awards site that has nothing to do with the central link, and a site for a massage parlor? WTF?
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BRB, crackhead patrol. *grabs broomstick*
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mapskrieg? christ, how many hours of grinding medic will this take?
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It's like Housingmaps.com, except a lot slower to load, and with less choices.
Except it shows listings outside major cities too.
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Combine this with rottenneighbor.com and you'll not only find housing, but know if it's in a neighborhood filled with passive-aggressive types.
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So, housingmaps.com is good?
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I once stayed in the YMCA in the Tenderloin because we were poor, and had no idea whether the area was good or bad. And didn't realise until we walked back in to see the young male receptionist holding hands with his considerably older bearded friend that the YMCA was that YMCA. Anyway, after a night out on the beers with a couple of mates we walked back to the hostel, one of them woke up the next morning and swore blind he had lost his trousers.

His wallet and cell phone were on the table in the room. The three of us hunted high and low in the room and the trousers were nowhere to be found. So the second mate goes into bathroom and after about 30 seconds comes back and announces, a la Sherlock Holmes, that he has uncovered the Mystery of the Missing Trousers.

"You shat yourself," he declared. "Then you got into shower fully clothed, and undressed. You left your socks in the shower and you tried to flush your underpants down the toilet, which is now blocked. And then you threw your trousers out of the window of the bathroom."

All three of us walked into the bathroom, where indeed the socks were lying wet in the shower cubicle and the wasteband of the underpants was poking out of the top of the u-bend. The window the bathroom was still open, the curtains were blowing about and when we looked out, five floors down the trousers were... long gone.

So someone got themselves a nearly new pair of Gap trousers, albeit with badly washed shit stains.

The mate who had shat himself denied vehemently that the version of events leading to him ejecting the trousers was true. Three years later he still swore blind the trousers had been abducted by aliens or self-combusted, or a conscientous trouser thief had specifically targeted his clothing in the middle of the night.

And then one day he admitted it was true.
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