Honoring Daumier
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Honoré Daumier is one of the great French artists of the 19th Century, beloved of no less an aesthetic judge than Baudelaire. Most famous as a lithographer and caricaturist, over 5000 of his lithographs and engravings can be seen, in high resolution, at The Daumier Register. One of the best places to start are the many online exhibits of his work.
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I'll fully admit to only having knowledge of Honoré Daumier because we share birthdays.
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Couldn't help but smile  looking at the Reading exhibit. Thanks Kattullus  this is excellent.
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I like this one of Victor Hugo
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Victor Hugo also had the same birthday as Daumier et moi :)
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This is great. I think that Hugo portrait compares favorably with any caricature ever made. V. Hugo was also quite the visual artist, an great, undeveloped talent.
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For those of you in the New Jersey/New York area, there is a great little exhibit of some of Daumier's work at the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, NJ. It's there through June 1st.
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Great images - thanks! LOVE Daumier but haven't thought about his caricatures for a long time.
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Daumier is fantastic. Devouring this post.
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