Eck Robertson drew a mean bow.
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Alexander "Eck" Robertson (1886 - 1975) was one hell of a fine fiddler, friend. He made, in 1922, what many country music historians consider the first commercial recording of country music. And now some kind soul has made ol' Eck a MySpace page where you can get a taste (five tastes, actually) of some of that bodacious bowing. Then head over to Ragtime Annie's place. What? She's Done Gone? She must've run off with the Arkansaw Traveler. Guess you'll have to make do with that Turkey In The Straw.

Three tunes from Eck at the Internet Archive.

This page has a capsule bio and a great photo of Eck in later life, with a cool goatee and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. While fiddling, of course.

This article goes into some detail in analyzing Eck's style and old-time fiddling in general.

Eck's Wikipedia page.

Eck's "Sally Gooden" was included in y2karl's FPP on last year, which is where I first heard him. Thanks, y2karl!
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"tossing his fiddle up in the air and catching it without missing a beat, playing behind his back, doing somersaults while playing..."
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Surprisingly good recording quality for 1922. And some damn fine fiddlin' - thanks.
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He was a strange dude, but a fine musician -- thanks flapjax as always!
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