Will Rigby recounts meeting some pre-indie rock heroes.
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A founding father of DIY indie rock, Will Rigby recounts the pilgrimages to locate underground rock legends Alex Chilton, (during his wry Americana deconstructo anarchy phase), and the 'McCartney' to Chilton's Big Star 'Lennon', the Brydsian Chris Bell. Blogs on bands may not seem to rate but cats with these sensibilities, unlike today, seemed incredibly uncommon then . Also mentioned, the Dbs, Little Diesel, and Mitch Easter. Free Mp3s of the rare 45s included.
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A founding father of DIY indie rock

And ex-husband of Amy Rigby!

Great blog, lot of musicians here I like.
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Upon reading the whole entry: So, Chris Bell was gay. Huh.

Upon reading the comments: So Chris Bell was actually NOT gay. Huh.
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I feel a little more bald for having read through those posts, great stuff. Hard to remember a time when "indie" was new, and we didn't even call it "indie." Big Plans for Everybody is still one of my all time favorite records and my preferred axe is a Rickenbacker 320.

*Cranks up Radio Free Europe, pours a tall glass of Country Time and sits in rocking chair on the porch a spell*
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Nice post. I'd not have read that, and it was well worth it.
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Great post, thanks.
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Great read. I love Big Star and the dB's, so this was like candy. I wasn't aware that the masters for #1 Record were destroyed by Chris Bell - that's a goddamn shame. He always came across as such a bitter, troubled person.
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Inasmuch as indie rock isn't an aesthetic, the concept of it (and more especially a "DIY" version of it) having a "father" seems roughly congruous to an anarchist's organization.
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Great stuff, and finding that Little Diesel mp3 scratches a twenty-year itch. Now I've got to go dig out my copy of the Sneakers' On The Brink EP. I wakes up, I have a little drink, I digs out the turntable, and suddenly the day is shot.
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Great find -- terrific story. Thanks!
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This is a lovely essay, although terribly sad. Thanks for posting!
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Sneakers just played a two night stand of reunion shows in Chapel Hill ending last night.
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