Scans of medieval and renaissance manuscripts
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Columbia University's Digital Scriptorium is a database of high quality scans from medieval and renaissance manuscripts. The highlights section alone is breathtaking, but you can search and browse through over 5000 manuscripts and almost 25000 individual images.
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There's tons of stuff to be found. While idly browsing through their Boethius listings, I found this beautiful version of The Consolations of Philosophy.
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Fantastic! Bonus points if anyone can tell me what these things that look like the ends of guitars are supposed to be; juggling clubs? With jingle bells?
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"Opening historiated initial, with grotesques; somewhat damaged."
Not unlike a MeFi thread then!
Lovely stuff, Katullus.
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I think you're right about the juggling clubs there everichon. With bells on.
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So cool.
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I guess something good came of Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries AMIRITE.
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Great post, thanks !
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They had amazingly modern rulers in mediaeval times, and metric too!
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Thanks, Kattullus, this is neat. Only wish there were more illuminations
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Thanks for posting this. My husband and I worked on selecting and describing the manuscripts from Harry Ransom Center way back in 1999-2000. The experience spoiled me for all future library work - I never had as much fun* as I did working on this project.

*Library-related, that is.
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Thanks! Great find, Kattullus!
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thank you, sire!
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Your posts are always fantastic, Kattullus.

These are so beautiful. It is just sad that neither St Foy nor St Guinefort are represented. It is kind of neat to see that greyhounds begged by staring intensely in the olden days, just as they do now.
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This is lovely.

That said, I can't wait to see these manuscripts used to create images like these.
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