Never Been
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Never Been. A visual description of a year in the life of a fictional Eastern European village sometime around the early twentieth century. To explore "Never Been" click and drag the story.

An article from the BBC on the artist, Stuart Kolakovic, and this project. Via Drawn!
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Wow, that's pretty cool. I followed the whole thing and was kind of sorry when it ended. I bet you'd find something new every time you look at it.

Great find.
posted by Marie Mon Dieu at 12:42 AM on May 4, 2008

wow! this is beautiful. i've never experienced any "web-based art" that has drawn me in quite like this one did.

pay attention, as nearly every character has a storyline.
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THis is very, very cool in so many ways. The presentation of good illustration in the web medium is fantastic. It's an online extension of the tradition of wordless books. And it's a storytelling site that not only presents a story of its own, but invites storymaking by its 'readers' - I couldn't help narrating storylines to myself as I looked at the characters, the teacher with his books, the old drunk, the couple dancing under the lanterns. If I were still teaching I'd want to find some way to incorporate this into an assignment.

Really neat! Thanks.
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Oh wow. He got the eastern-European sparkly-fancy pre-Christian style down *perfect*.
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Exceedingly lovely.
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Great stuff. Rummaging around his website I found his blog.
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That was amazing. Certainly a new way to "read" a story.
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I kept expecting it to come full circle, where the girl who did the wash became the old lady who was brushing her hair back towards the beginning.
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I like how he represented the "hauntings"
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As stated in the BBC article, 'Never Been' was exhibited in the gallery at Projekts MCR. I found a photo of the installation. Kolakovic credits his brother with bringing the work online.
"I want to say a massive huge thank you to my genius graphic designer brother, Adam Kolakovic, for figuring out a way to get this all online for me! He's the most rippingest designer in town!"
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Wow, really incredible. I want to go do it again to follow each character.
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Best of the web.
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Way to use the interface in a novel way. Very nice.
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This is wonderful. I am such a nerd for pretty much anything Eastern European, so this is right up my alley. Thanks for posting this.
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@Miko: If I followed the storyline right, I think the old drunk is the same guy as the man dancing with the girl under the lanterns. Am I mistaken?
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What, no pogrom? I was expecting a pogrom.
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