Anatomical Photography
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James Mundie is an artist and photographer whose work often includes sideshow themes. He recently returned from Europe having been allowed to photograph a number of anatomy museum exhibits. He has also contributed to a Flickr group entitled “Bottled Babies”, which , in a previous era, were known as “Pickled Punks”. (Probably NSFW)
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Awesome photos. I just wish I didn't look at them when I was eating dinner.
posted by mrzarquon at 7:30 PM on May 5, 2008

Cool. A bunch of these started showing up in my Pathology and Lab Medicine flickr group. The sirenomelia one is really cool

Thanatophoric dysplasia 1, 2
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Amazing post, thanks! I have to visit that museum in Amsterdam...
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Great. I have dreams all the time about anencephaly and harlequin ichthyosis. I guess tonight will be no exception.
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