Some bands split up - others can't even be bothered to do that.
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Some bands split up - others can't even be bothered to do that. For some reason I'm getting visions of henges, dwarfs and T-shirts . . .
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Can someone give me the Cliffs Notes version of who the hell boyzone is?
posted by mathowie at 3:10 PM on April 20, 2001

Sorry. Cough. boyzone were the Take That of the late nineties. Sorry. Erm. OK - thet were a bit like New Kids On The Block but you'd invite them to meet your grandparents. Except Keith Duffy. Or Mikey. Of Stephen Gately - depending on how open minded they are. Let's try . . . They were like the male Spice Girls in terms of popularity. Yeah. That's it. And while we're at it, that's another group that seem to be drifting rather than leaving . . .
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NKOTB with receding hairlines from ....Ireland? God help us all. It seems that by visiting their homepage, they have sold more albums and are more popular than anyone else on the planet.
Hand it to me, a silly american, to not know who they were either.
Judging from their pics...I believe they probably sound a bit like a cross between Menudo and Buckner and Garcia.
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Who and who and who?
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Menudo ( a "crazy latino" boy band that included Ricky Martin at one point), and Buckner and Garcia. (responsible for the song "Pac-Man Fever" back in the eighties....) Sorry. showed my age a bit.
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whats a boyzone?
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Correction... Boyzone *wish* they were the Take That of the 90s. Take That had tunes. They had sex. They had Robbie Williams.

Boyzone had Ronan Keating... Ireland's answer to Cliff Richard, for godsake. The most interesting thing about him was the rumour he was shagging Brian Kennedy. Which can't be true cause Brian has better taste than that, I'm sure.
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whats a boyzone?

A bad pun.

At least Keith "feckin" Duffy proved himself a star in Celeb BB.
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prol: what about the rumour that Ronan was caught in bed with Daniel O'Donnell? Now that's believable.
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Ronan is better than Gary Barlow for sure. Anyone know how Robbie (the best of the lot) responded to Ronan's invite to sing duet?
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riffola: I reckon 't was a short and sweet answer.
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Boyzone is yet another reason why everyone should abandon the RIAA establishment and embrace the horror. I mean ulimately you are the judge of what really sucks for your own ears, but the possibilities are endless. Why accept the rut which top-heavy corporate avarice wants for us? Why relent to the lowest common denominator when you'd rather march to the beat of a different drummer? What's wrong with using your own grey matter?

Think about it. It's a brave new world. Just don't lose your head.
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Whoops. Sorry. Recording Industry Association of America. The guys who sit around dreaming up groups like Boyzone, Spice Girls and nSync instead of investing money supporting people who can actually write and perform their own music.

I didn't link to it I guess cuz I had before but sorry about that.
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