Angel Of The South
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Ebbsfleet? Never heard of it? Not even the new international railway station? A 50m sculpture is hoping to change that... the five short-listed designs have been revealed today.
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Those are all pretty crappy compared with The Angel of The North, even the Rachel Whiteread one (and the Horse and the Coin are taking the piss, surely?).

How about a gigantic hand fliking the Vs in the direction of France, as a symbol of our proud history and one of our great shared traditions?
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I wasn't impressed with any of the designs. For such an ambitious project, the potential centerpiece should convey the geography, culture, or history of the area.

None of the designs really capture the imagination or have the symbolism of say the Statue of Liberty, the actual sculpture of which is slightly less than the 50 meter sculpture being commissioned in Ebbsfleet.

If I had a choice between the five, I would select F for try again.
posted by clearly at 3:37 PM on May 7, 2008

Ebbsfleet is also the home of the MyFootballClub team.
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I would like to propose a 50m high Luc Tuymans painting, just to see if people would still ignore it.
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Isn't Tuymans' work typically about 50m high?
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This work is ill-conceived and committee driven. The only 'monumentality' achieved here is that of failure.
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I kind of like the giant horse just for the weirdo factor but I can't say much for any of them really. I don't really understand the relationship of the railway station to the statue (physically or idea wise). Is it just a marketing tool?
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The horse is too fantastic not to build.
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I liked Rachel Whiteread's original House but it seems that casting the inside of a building is her sculptural response to everything from a celebration of North West Kent to remembering the Holocaust.
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The Roman disc looks more like a satellite dish. All of them are quite unappealing, but Giant Horse should win.
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The horse of course.
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The horse! The horse! You Ebbsfleet movers and shakers listening? Go with THE HORSE!
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Ebbsfleet United ftw
posted by FidelDonson at 9:27 PM on May 7, 2008

They're all a bit weak, but I'd go with the horse.
posted by Fence at 1:25 AM on May 8, 2008

With Europe Day coming up tomorrow, I'd like to propose a fifty-foot high statue of a British eurosceptic, dressed as John Bull, with his back towards the Continent and his head firmly buried in a huge pile of sand.
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