One of the classier TV channels around has done a site re-design.
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One of the classier TV channels around has done a site re-design. I think it's pretty neat, but it's a bit um flashy and so drags with a slower connection. I've been watching movies for over 30 years, but I'll still come across a gem on TCM now and then that I've never seen, or sometimes even heard of. They're running some more recent films lately too, like The Hudsucker Proxy a few weeks ago.
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It's beautiful, but it does hang a bit . . .

Pardon the digression, but I feel the need to point out that TCM has the best logo of any television network, EVER. Anyone know who designed it?
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Long live the Hud!
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If it's a great contemporary film channel you're looking for you should be demanding Film Four . . .
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I couldn't help but STEAL a TCM ad poster from the PATH train about a year ago. The text read: Rember in Ben-Hur when the Apes take over...You do? Time to brush up on your classic movies!" Graphic of Heston. Then they answered my e-mail and sent me a copy of the same poster! If only they knew I still don't have cable...
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oops. insert close italics after "movies!"
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Still a few dead links. Great site, though.
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And TCM is the only broadcaster other than PBS running audio-described programming (apart from a few “experiments“ here and there).

However, the monthly schedule turns into an endless animation on IE5 Mac, as though it were one of those Star Trek episodes where the computer goes apeshit.
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designers that break the back button should be drawn and quartered...
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