LOL Manuscripts!
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Keeping the meme alive, lolmanuscripts. Except they're really lolwoodcuts. Whatever.
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Oooooh, Delightful!
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Yeah, there was really a dropoff in the new lol-thing department for a while there. Let the lol-hatering begin once again! Tell us all how tired you are of it! Again! Me, I found a couple of these kinda funny.
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I like the 'FUCK TURTLES!' one myself.

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Verily, I ist inside thine internets, pilfering thine memes.
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I prefer loltapestries, myself.
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FUCK TURTLES made me laugh out loud, but it's still an awful lot like Married to the Sea, idnit?
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I wasn't too impressed with the lolmanuscripts, but Rhaomi's link to loltapestries is hilarious.
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meh out loud
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OMG, thank you! I found this the other day and loled at The Myrrour of Chyrche, but lost the link and haven't been able to google my way back. Huzzah!
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This would be funnier if they were called loluscripts, me thinks. Say it in your head: lol - u - script.
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Jesus, those are unfunny.
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Well, they're half right.
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Ich pwne noobs! at Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog.
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Really, they should be called iLOLmunated manuscripts.
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we're in UR academia, too...
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The appropriate link to Geoffrey Chaucer's blog would be: LOLPilgrims
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Top tip: when making your LOLsite, be sure to actually use LOLspeak.
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Thanks. Sorry I was inappropriate.
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FUCK TURTLES and this one make it worthwhile.
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I actually like this a lot, though the entries are neither LOL nor manuscripts. More like an Early Modern Married to the Sea. Bookmarked in any case.
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The somethingawful tapestries was the first thing I thought of when I saw this, they're really a lot better. In fact, the very first "NEVAR FORGET!" one pretty much ends the discussion.
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Dude, you missed the memo saying that we didn't want to keep this meme alive.
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That Chaucer blog is fucking awful.
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I love the Chaucer blog! I forget about it completely for months and years at a time and then somebody links to it again and then I lose most of a day falling over myself laughing at it yet again. The tapestries are also excellent - the original post, not so much.
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