Towers of Babel
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Wow. So thorough and so interesting. The link for the Lego Tower of Babel leads to The Brick Testament, which is amazing in a kitschy, I-can't-believe-anyone-took-the-time-to-do-this, way. I'm saving this for a more thorough look. Great post, dhruva!
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"However, in other sources such as the Book of Jubilees, Cornelius Alexander (frag. 10), Abydenus (frags. 5 and 6), Josephus (Antiquities 1.4.3), and the Sibylline Oracles (iii. 117-129), God overturns the tower with a great wind."

Mighty Crepitus!
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Super cool.

And to think, it took almost one thousand years of hard-earned human development to progress from the elegant drawing in the C├Ždmon Manuscript (ca. 1000) to the lego model (1973).
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Very interesting, thanks dhruva; I particularly like seeing all the versions of the Tower by those painters (van Cleve, the van Valkenborchs, Grimmer) who tackled the subject many times. The Dutch site that's the source of many of those images is cool too.
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There is something deliciously apropos about an exhibit showing the diversity of views inspired by the Tower of Babel.
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Related, I guess.
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Thanks, they're wonderful.

But...all the little images. People out there rip and share rock'n'roll and recent movies until everyone hollers mercy. So when will we have the technology (and the interest! among rippers and file-sharers) to liberate BIG images of great graphic art--long since in the public domain--from the state-owned, tax-supported museums that are sitting on them for the republishing income stream?

By BIG I mean big enough to see the brushwork and tell how the artists achieved the effects they did. Half-assed would-be painters want to know!
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Etemenanki! Excellent post.
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Ted Chiang wrote a fantastic speculative fiction short story about the Tower of Babel called Tower of Babylon.
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What are you doing posting Kattullus's posts?

I kid, great post.
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I always thought the Babel myth was interesting in all of its forms. The fact that later Christian writers felt it was necessary to include tales of their god destroying the tower is also interesting, in that it seems to contradict the point of the myth.

I wonder if there are any Christian sects that prohibit learning foreign languages because it works against "God's will"?
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Truly the best of the web. dhruva deserves a pat on the back!
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You can get 72 more if you turn your monitor upside-down.
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Or, if you have an iPhone, simply stand on your head!
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Great find. I liked how, when you hover over this picture, it says: "Photo of Building the Tower of Babel."
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Awesome post. Thanks!
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