Fine Lampwork Beads by Kim Neely
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Kim Neely has enjoyed a very rich professional life already. A writer for Rolling Stone for fifteen years, she also penned the Pearl Jam biography. These days find Kim involved in an entirely different pursuit. Lampworking is a type of glass work that uses a gas fueled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass. At her mom's unused workshop Kim created Bluff Road Art Glass.

A few of my favorites include these glass bones, this necklace called fossil, and this fine silver link bracelet. Kim also blogs her work.
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A photo of Eddie Vedder from back in the day.
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A MeFi post my wife will want to look at! There are very good, technically.
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I love art glass, but
I never buy anything.
I drool, in the shops.
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My friend Lucie has been doing self-taught lampwork for years, she showed me how she created the pieces with an incredibly hot torch. Most of her stuff took hours to create, building the layers. Phenomenal art that photographs can't really capture the depth of.
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Wow. I really wish I could buy some of her bead sets- they're AMAZING.
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I wonder where in Louisiana she is. I'm guessing around St. Helena Parish.
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