The veena, turned up to 11.
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With a pickup mounted on the body of the instrument just below the strings, Revathy Krishna, KP Sarada and Sivanandam and Jayanthi Kumaresh get an unexpectedly fat sound out of their veena. Rocking! The instrument is more often amplified with a microphone, in which case it sounds more like this performance by D. Balakrishna, who, as you'll hear, ain't no slouch, neither. And here Pichumani gets his groove on, no doubt about it. So, hey, two more raags for the road, courtesy of Rajeswari Padmanabhan. The second tune on her clip, by the way, has got some deep blues in it, so I'm thinking maybe Rajeswari might've been down to the crossroads at midnight... [NOTE: see hoverovers for link descriptions]

One of the legendary veena masters is S. Balachander. Here's a short documentary on him, with some fabulous reverb on that narrator! Part 1 (4:35) and 2 (4:41). Here's a performance by S. Balachander.

By the way, those clay pots that you see being played as veena accompaniment in these clips are called ghatam. Pretty cool, huh? Here's a player surrounded by a set of tuned ghatam.
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man, am i glad i decided to check the blue one more time before i headed to bed.

grooooooooovy stuff, flapjax. thank you, oh so much! i'll have some crazy awesome dreams tonight, lulled as i'll be by veena delight!
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The second tune on her clip, by the way, has got some deep blues in it,

Very cool, but that track was screaming for a glass slide, a humbucker pick-up, and a cheap Fender amp. Then she'd be rocking.
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Kick AXE! Great post, flapjax!
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Aw great, now I'm going to have to have Indian for lunch tomorrow.
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top drawer old chap
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err, I mean, played by a man is that sweet, can we imagin
how it would have been by lord krishna
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*wonders what the market share for Sitar Hero could be*
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This is great. Thanks.
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Again, I call for an official Flapjaxfilter!!!!

Nice post.
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Dude, I'm peakin'.
Great post. It's right up there with the Turkish jammers.
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Apparently you ca get one of these for around $1000. They look more complicated than that and I'm sure the true proffesional instruments go for more.

I wonder if there is an historical connection between the veena and the Turkish saz.
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Oh man, I dig anything with a drone. Such neat sounds. It wouldn't be the same, for me, without the percussion, though; I'm more a sucker for movement than for melody. Thanks for these.
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I'm so shell-shocked by antiterrorism horror stories I thought while reading the lead-in . . . foreign names, oddly modified instrument = certain arrest and imprisonment.
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I love how in the second link, the 60-cycle hum quickly becomes a drone that seems to belong. Freakin' awesome.

I wonder what kinds of mixers they're using. (I don't see a guitar amp in any of the videos I've watched so far.) My guess is that the recording engineers are using some old boards that help give the instruments that superphat round sound.
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More towards the glass slide and humbucker pick-up side of things...
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From the notes to the KP Sarada and Sivanandam video: "Their playing is well recognized for their bhava and soukyam." What does this mean?
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Thanks, Flapjax, I'm really starting to develop a love for Indian classical music... mostly as a result of MeFi posts!
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The videos are truncated -- is that thanks to youtube's limits? (Nasty shock to have the music suddenly end when it was building towards the climax.)
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Oh, excellent! I came across a couple of these awhile back and was pretty enthralled. Thank you for posting this.
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Funny. Just this morning I was jammin' out to a little diddy from a pair of dudes hailing a few thousand miles to the west of the Veena crowd.

Great stuff! Thanks for the post.
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heh ... we just had a veena player on Campus yesterday afternoon ... sadly, nowhere as impressive as these folks. But it got me looking into bansuri again ...
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This post is so good it makes me crazy!
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Hey, sneebler, that Harry Manx clip is totally killing. Gorgeous stuff.
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If you like Harry Manx, you'll like Debashish Bhattacharya.
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Yup, you're right, Wolof. I am an instant Bhattacharya fan. Thanks for that!
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This seems apposite — U. Shrinivas & U. Rajesh on electric mandolins.
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Oh yeah, Shrinivas is kickass. Those wanting to see more of him, check my previous FPP.
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More mohan veena from the excellent Prakash Sontakke with Pramod Gaikwad.
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