Coffee, anyone?
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Coffee, anyone? Mints with caffiene, maybe? Anyway, according to a fairly recent press release from a group (I've never heard of) called the National Sleep Foundation, we're all working too much, studying too much or whatever, and sleeping less and having less fun, sex, etc., and suffice it to say that the Other NSF, if you will, thinks it's a big problem.
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For some reason caffeine actually makes me sleepy, and hot chocolate has the opposite effect . . .
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Oh, sorry to spell caffeine wrong. I haven't had time to spell check, so much to do. I've gone to sleep after having coffee too. Also can't usually drink it, or don't have the will to drink it, on Saturdays when I sleep late -- which doesn't necessarily mean sleeping too much, just late. It all depends with caffeine. An odd drug, it is.
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One side note that's interesting is that caffeine has a chemical strucutre that's similar to ritalin, and aids in conentration. I sometimes find that, on a particuarily tough day, I can't get anything done without a good dew-bomb (Mountain Dew) or two.
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As another side note, I told a little fib. There is one coffee which wakes me up - that'll be 'Rocket Fuel' which features a goodly amount Guarana, a rain forest sourced stimulant.
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guarana contains caffeine.
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feelinglistless: It's great to hear that someone has a totally odd reaction to coffee/caffeine. So do I. It does absolutely nothing for me.

I've fallen asleep an hour after drinking 2/3 cups of coffee, or downing several Red Bull's (read: Mountain Dew). I'm not sure if they make me more alert or not, but they definitely don't keep me awake.

Just more glorious proof that we're all different biologically and chemically. Just some are more different than others, lol!
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Caffeine has no effect on me either, I've gone to sleep an hour after having a few cups of coffee. One thing I do know is that when ever I feel really sleepy, if I drink some Coke or another aerated drink, it wakes me up. I think it's the bubbles that do it.
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I drink Earl Grey or black tea in the morning to wake up, but I don't think it's the caffeine that's doing it. You can't beat the feeling of hot tea pouring down your esophagous, warming a frozen chest.
Hmm. Actually, you probably can. But at 6:30 am, it'd be hard.
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A couple of months ago, I stumbled across some of those caffeinated penguin cinnamons (at Linens and Things, of all places... I guess they fall under 'Things'). This was useful, because it was the week before finals. I've never been one to be greatly affected caffeine, but I decided to give them a try.
They have quite a kick. I distinctly remember one night during which I stayed up until at least 1:00 am and did not feel at all tired. Of course, I was eating the things like popcorn. It was a vicious cycle, because I was exhausted the next day, and used the cinnamons to keep me awake. And so forth.
I liked them, but I'm wary to try them again. Maybe I'll stay away from Linens and Things.
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Coffee actually makes me sleepy. I'll have a cup, and I'll be okay for about half an hour...then my brain gets all foggy, and I have trouble concentrating. And it doesn't help me stay awake at all.

I don't have this problem with other caffeinated drinks, though.
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I had the nastiest caffienne withdrawl yesterday. I was a little hungover (ok alot) and hadn't had any caffienne all day, around 8:30 I ordered a pizza and it was a little screwed (cheese stuck to the cardboard) and I completely flipped... my housemates were a little disturbed... then handed me a Mountain Dew and told me to chill.

Definitely time to cut back on my favorite alkaloid.
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I think the coffee induced sleepiness is common. If I drink coffee before about thirty minutes before a long drive, it is hell trying to stay awake. I still love the flavor though, but it does make me foggy.
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I love the flavor, too. I drink lots of decaf. There's a little coffee shop in town that makes the best iced coffee I've ever had. They cold-brew it, and they even use ice cubes made out of coffee, so it doesn't get watered down.
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On the otherhand, If I have caffeine after say, 3:00 PM, I can easily be up until 2:00 AM or so. It's not that I become incredibly hyper after a cup or two, but more like my base line doesn't come down far enough to allow sleep for a LONG time.
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I used to be able to suck back disturbing amounts of coffee, roll over and fall into a nice deep sleep. Then, at some point, I decided I was drinking too much coffee so I weened myself down to two cups in the morning.

Now if I so much as have a can of Coke after 7 pm I end up staring at my ceiling for hours on end while I try to sleep. Blech.

Never give up the addiction, it only makes things worse! :-)
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