Reportret: what did historical figures physically look like
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Reportret: What did they really look like? Charlemagne "..was a large man, with light coloured hair, a long nose, a thick neck, and a quite prominent belly."
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"Gentlemen be seated ..."
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Apparently they all looked like characters from straight-to-video cartoons about the Bible.
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Yes, yes...I had a picture Bible when I was a kid, and J to tha Eezus of Nazzie looked a lot like that. But with bright, shiny blue eyes, of course.

Now, of course, we know that Jesus looks more like this. Thank heavens for modern science.
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As pretty as those drawing are, I'd be more convinced if there were photographic evidence.
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So, basically Charlemagne = Hulk Hogan.
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Yeah but... Were they hot?
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Go Willibrord, bishop of my hometown.
In the 7th century!
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Well, I thought it was really interesting. The images themselves were not very satisfying, but the explanations of how they got their information was.

Luckily in five hundred years no one will have to guess how awesome we look.
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