"So, you're saying you surrendered for a cigarette?"
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They Chose China is a documentary about the 22 western POWs who chose to defect to China after the Korean War armistice.
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the numbers involved rather small--and of that batch, many later left China. More to the point, in the "settlement," was the fact that so many Chinese did not want to go back to china burt rather go to Taiwan...those who supported Communism but were POW's often fought with those who where POWs but hoped for freedom in Taiwan rather than being sent back to China.
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Very interesting and touching video. At times it pegs my 'this is [Chinese] propaganda!' response but then I realize it is just being told from the perspective of a Chinese person. I think it nicely captures the human side with minimal politics.
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Downloading this to watch as although Google video works here now it streams a bit slow for me. Anyway, there was a post on the topic previously which I recall as I commented there on having read about one of the defectors.
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Fascinating, good film. See also Simon Winchester's new book The Man Who Loved China, which has some related stuff.
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The story of Chinese POWs seeking to go to Taiwan is addressed in Ha Jin's excellent novel War Trash. Highly recommended.
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If I witnessed the tens of thousands being murdered under the watch of the US, I'd probably feel like defecting too.
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Great post, reminded me of this Guy
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Summarized by Cat and Girl
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Fascinating video. What I did hardly registers compared to what these guys did, even if it's vaguely similar.
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You chose chinese takeout?
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Based on his profile: Chose to make his life in Taiwan?
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More or less, yeah.
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I've actually heard Poagao's quite amazing story through a mutual friend. You don't know the half of it, bouncebounce, but I see that didn't stop you acting the twat.
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