Building a wolf in 9 minutes
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Portland artist R. J. Travis Pond sculpts recycled steel into animals. Daniel Wiancko documents and shrinks the process using time-lapse photography. A Wolf = 9:11, Three Birds = 9:35.

"Wolf" soundtrack courtesy of the long-lost Thinking Fellers Union Local #282.
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Honey, I shrunk the process!

I like this guy's stuff, and it's nice to see the shrunken process. Actually, though, I prefer the Wolf in its early stages. I think he should've quit with what he had around 4:18.

The Thinking Fellers tune is an Ennio Morricone cover. I dig their raggedy, slightly out of tune approach to it.
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Very good looking metal sculpture.

His works reminds me of this bear.

I always look at the welds in metal sculpture, and sometimes I find really bad work.

I hope Pond wears a respirator, as welding dirty metal all day is a significant hazard.

I didn't care for his self-promotional video.
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Yeah I liked the TFU music a lot but the wolf video was LONG even sped up (I also liked the wolf earlier on in the process too). I like hw his personal site has an altair design background. Some of the more functional stuff he does -- stools, doghouses -- is pretty nifty.
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flapjax: agreed--the wolf was "done" about halfway through the process.
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Thanks Flapjax, I was wondering why I thought I was watching a Sergio Leone movie, and now I understand. Cool use of time lapse.
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