That's just strange...
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The Ouija Board Museum (number 19) alone is worth the price of admission.
Cool find, m!
posted by Dizzy at 3:03 PM on May 19, 2008

Thanks! I love this kind of stuff (obviously), but this post definitely needs the OCD tag!
posted by dersins at 3:47 PM on May 19, 2008

My girlfriend started savuig my navel fluff about a year ago. I just told her tht she's not even original, and she got very depressed.
posted by Aversion Therapy at 5:39 PM on May 19, 2008

Man, I can't type today. "Saving" and "that".
posted by Aversion Therapy at 5:40 PM on May 19, 2008

This is pretty cool. I'd like to someday visit the museum of burnt food, although I'd probably steer clear of the cafeteria.
posted by martinX's bellbottoms at 5:42 PM on May 19, 2008

How do you even produce that much naval lint?
posted by Merwin at 5:55 PM on May 19, 2008

Missing The Original Condiment Packet Museum?

Much more comprehensive than just sugar packets.
posted by Exchequer at 10:41 PM on May 19, 2008

Love the AOL disc collection. To quote Indiana Jones, "This stuff belongs in a museum!"
posted by farishta at 5:31 AM on May 20, 2008

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