Fusing the electric boogaloo with the (samoan) sasa
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Urban Pasifika, a sub-genre of hip hop which combines American style hip hop or R&B rhyming and beats with Pacific Island or Māori instrumentation. While older artist covered topics like polynesian heritage, the disconnect from immgration to another land and support for Māori sovereignty.

Newer artists, mainly associated with Dawn Raid, have a more traditional American style, attitude and focus.
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Thanks --- hadn't come across that before and a cool example of musical fusion, so to speak
posted by Rumple at 9:01 PM on May 19, 2008

I'm glad the hiphop community is finally taking fire safety seriously.
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Marcus Garvey's reach is long...
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American hip-hop has poisoned world culture. One more American crime.
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It's really just hip hop, but I like the attempt at differentiation. There are a ton of different variants of hip hop and that's part of why it's so awesome. Thanks for the post!
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