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Amazing Animations: Morphing, Graffiti, Mixed-Media, Sand (also from Ilana Yahav and Ferenc Cakó), Paint-on-film, Paint-on-glass, Pinscreen & The Greatest Stop-Motion Movie of All-Time. (Some reposting, but it's worth watching again. trust me.)
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The 'paint-on-glass' clip from the Old Man and the Sea was beautiful. As was the sand. Thanks for this.
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Just a heads up, if I may.

If any video link requires anything special like QuickTime, it is often considered good form to gve a warning like "Movie of All-Time (QT) or Movie of All-Time (QuickTime)". Or something like that. (grin)

Saves time for those of us that may be on machines without it installed.

Loved the rest of the stuff (especially the Cakó stuff - an old favorite of mine, and a frequent jawdropper with guests).
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Makes me miss my History of Animation class in college. (Best. Class. Evar. where else can you get 3 credit hours for watching Bugs Bunny Cartoons)

oh, and thank you, National Film Board of Canada.
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Oh God, my hand!
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For Pinscreen, Александр Алексеев ^= Alexandre Alexeïeff.
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I think you devalue this stuff by agglomerating it all into a context-less lump like this.

where else can you get 3 credit hours for watching Bugs Bunny Cartoons

This attitude is why I was unable to finish my social science degree. It was such bullshit.
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