I Love the 80s
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With Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull restarting a franchise from the 80s, this is the perfect time to consider how to ruthlessly pillage the treasured movies of our youth. So, on that note, presenting: Back to the Sequels
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Personally, I think the first idea for a Ghostbusters sequel is actually genius and would love to see it happen.
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Also, just to give credit where it is due, I saw this link via Popcandy.
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"Point Break 2" would probably be a lot like "2 Fast 2 Furious".
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Ghostbusters 3 is actually being made with the original cast. Well, sort of.
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I just rewatched Ghostbusters 1 & 2 recently. I just kept shaking my head and thinking, "WOW. Life sure was different in the 80s." I liked the actors, but it just seemed so insanely cheesy at times. That movie sure was a big deal back then though.
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Where's my Caddyshack 3?
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Metfilter: Revenge of the Nerds (VI)
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Kind of lame.
But "40 Candles" was a good title.
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I'd eat my cat for a Big Trouble in Little China sequel.
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I would help brundlefly eat his cat for more Jack Burton. He can see things no one else can see.

Since we're talking about sequels: BTILC is as close as you're ever going to get to seeing Buckaroo Banzai Against The World Crime League.
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To be fair, I think Raiders of the Lost Ark was relentlessly pillaging the treasured serials of the youth of the 1950's, anyway.

There's no real "start" to the pillaging. That's art. And marketing.
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Because, you know, it hasn't been done before. Really.

I'd not mind a Ghostbusters 3 at all; I understand that's really what they're aiming at for the Ghostbusters video game. However, at sometime before I die, I'd like to see a VG-to-film adaptation that Doesn't Suck.
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Some suggestions I posted elsewhere:

Ferris Beuller's Week Off
Matthew Broderick reprises his role as the lovable truant Ferris Bueller.

It's twenty years since Ferris had his famous day off and things haven't been going so good since his poor grip on key parts of the school curriculum ruined his job prospects. Ferris is now working as a second hand car salesman but he's still the same old crazy prankster! Here we see him get to relive his glory days when love of his life, and recently divorced Sloane (sexy Mia Sara reprising her role as Sloane Peterson) needs his help to make her own teenage son more popular, with hilarious results! A heartwarming tale of life, love and second chances. And don't be surprised if a certain classic ferrari makes a re-appearance as well!!

Out June 3rd.


Stressed toy executive Tom Hanks starts to develop lymphatic elephantiasis and must seek out a Zoltan funfair machine to reverse the consequences.
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BrundleFly: "I'd eat my cat for a Big Trouble in Little China sequel."

ROU_Xenophobe: "I would help brundlefly eat his cat for more Jack Burton. He can see things no one else can see."

I'd eat your cat for a Big Trouble In Little China sequel too.

leibniz: "Ferris Beuller's Week Off..."

This sounds like the plot for Clerks 2.


I'm torn really. I'd like to see revisits to some of my favorite movies of the past, but sometimes using the original talent is just painful to watch because time is never kind, and hiring entirely new talents to play the roles means a completely different chemistry set: it either blows up in their face or worse it doesn't get a violent reaction at all. This is a lose lose for everybody.

Better to look at what worked in the past and then try to create something new that learns from those lessons. Of course that's not as guaranteed in Hollywood, so less people are willing to shell out big bucks for it, which is why sequels happen cuz who wouldn't want to invest their money in an alleged sure thing?

I'd like to see Buckaroo Banzaii revisited, but with an entirely new cast and a reboot of the continuity. Too much time has passed.

Ghostbusters would be funny if written by Ramis and Ackroyd, but creepy if performed by them as well.

Back To The Future IV feels wrong. You couldn't get Lloyd and Fox. You'd have to get entirely new talents. They'd have to have their own timeline that didn't interact with the one from the last three films. So what's the point, beyond the obvious marketing trap? I guess that WOULD be the point.

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I would also eat a cat, whole and live like in V, if some reasonably smart people gave Buck Rogers the Galactica treatment. Sans Twiki.
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I can't wait for the sequel to Eraserhead.

Which would naturally be called Eraserhead 2: Electric Boogaloo.
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I think it would be better if it were Eraserbum.

Or Erasertits by Mel Gibson.
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Back To The Future IV feels wrong. You couldn't get Lloyd and Fox. You'd have to get entirely new talents.

Lloyd's certainly still available, and if anything looks older and crazier.

I read a "IV" treatment (part of one of my too-many jobs) that included the (older) characters of Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Crispin Glover, but did not include Fox/McFly in any significant way. It was, in fact, a mystery surrounding Marty's disappearance, and the characters hunting for him through different time periods. He appeared in one scene, near the end, which I presume they'd have to do with archive footage or CGI or some other magic. I don't remember the lines he had, but they might have been lifted from existing work.

It wasn't too bad, really. Not as heavy and awkward as I expected. I gave notes saying pretty much that. I dunno if it went anywhere after that.
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Holy crap. Those pictures are horrible.
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Also, I much prefer sequels and remakes to those fucking clip shows.

Trail of the Pink Panther was way worse than anything Steve Martin could come out with (Unless they do a clip show of his remake... hmm....).
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It never quite got off the ground, ZachsMind, but there almost was a Buckaroo Banzai sequel...that crossed over with Big Trouble in Little China.

I guess they realized that a combination of Buckaroo and Burton would forever ruin the delicate balance of awesome and crappy that must be maintained to hold the universe together.
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JACK BURTON: You pay for the speeding tickets and I'll have you back at the Institute in an hour, tops.

BUCKAROO:Thank you, Mr. Burton.

JACK BURTON: Call me Jack.

OH. MY. GAWD. I wish I could say I just creamed my pants. Actually, I'm glad I can't say that cuz then I would have to change. That would have so rocked if it had happened eighteen years ago. It makes perfect sense to me that Burton would be an Irregular.

Hell. They did Escape from L.A. for crying out loud and that was a piece of crap. Why can't this happen???
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i keep waiting for the "ghostbusters" broadway show. it's got everything that's hot on broadway right now -- retro cool, a built in audience of wishing-they-were-hip 40-somethings with money to afford broadway seats, an excuse for big special effects, built-in ready-made 80's songs... on a broadway that gave us musicals like "footloose", "the wedding singer", "spamalot", and "legally blonde", isn't it INEVITABLE?
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...upon further reflection though, I wouldn't have Buckaroo fail to eat a Chinese Pepper-Steak. Buckaroo Banzai's eyes might water but he wouldn't drop a sandwich when he's hungry. Maybe he'd be surprised and a little taken aback, but it's Buckaroo we're talking about. Although it's funny, he wouldn't shy away from a challenging sandwich.
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